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Chiloé: Geography and Demography
The province of Chiloé is part of the Region of the Lakes and is located between 41º45' South and 73º15' to 74º30' West. To the north lies canal de Chacao and to the south the Golfo de Guafo, Golfo de Ancud and Golfo de Corcovado to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The province includes Isla Grande de Chiloé and numerous smaller islands including Quinchao, Lemy, Apiao, Butachauques, Quenac, Mechuque, Quehui and Tranqui.

It is divided into ten administrative areas: Ancud, Castro (capital), Quemchi, Dalcahue, Curaco de Vélez, Quinchao, Puqueldón, Chonchi, Queilen and Quellón.

The 1992 census registered a population of 130,680, representing 13.7% of the regional total. Population density is 14,2 inhabitants/km2. Annual population growth rate between 1982-1992 was1.49% per annum, greater than the regional average of 1.17% and slightly less than the national average of 1.56%.

In general the rural population is growing slowly. Of the ten areas only Quellón, Ancud and Dalcahue returned high rates (3.85%, 2.69% and 2.51% respectively); whilst Quemchi and Puqueldón have a negative rate (-1.40% and –0.30% respectively), with an actual loss of 1368 inhabitants in 10 years.

In fact the loss of population has now been reversed probably due to the development of aquaculture in the archipelago and centre and southern areas of Isla Grande.

The growth of Ancud, Dalcahue and Quellón is largely due to movement of small boat fishermen into the more rewarding aquaculture industry centred on these towns.

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