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Chiloé: history
Alonso De Camargo was the European discoverer of the island in 1540, viewing the western shores of Chiloé from his ship. On 8th November 1553 Francisco de Ulloa was the first Spaniard to land and discover the archipelago.

Martin Ruiz de Gamboa took possession of the region for the King of Spain on 28th of February 1558. He gave it the name of New Galicia.

The 16th century was a turning point for the people of the islands. Their land fell under the dominion of Spanish colonists who instituted the system of "Encomienda". This obliged inhabitants to give free labour to a landlord (encomendero) who had been assigned their lands by the Spanish King. This system was ended after Chiloé had been incorporated into the administration of the Capatania General de Lima on 26 March 1783. Spanish rule lasted until 1826 when Chiloé became the last territory in this part of South America to be liberated.

An unsuccessful military expedition led by General Freire, early in 1824, was followed by fruitless negotiations with the governor, Antonio de Quintanilla, for the peaceful incorporation of Chiloé into the new republic of Chile.

On 9 January 1826 a fleet of 13 ships carrying Chilean troops from Valdivia effected landings and successfully took the gun emplacements at Punta Corona.

The Chilean Army was landed on the beaches near Lechagua on 13 January and overran the defences of Antonio de Quintanilla, who was unable to stop the patriots advancing towards río Pudeto. The Chilote soldiers were forced to retreat to the summit of cerro Bellavista were they were vanquished.

On 22 of January 1826 Chiloé was incorporated into Chile by Colonel José Santiago Aldunate the new governor and ceased to be "el último reducto español en Sudamérica".

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