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Chiloé: access
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By Bus
From Santiago there are daily buses to Castro and Ancud leaving at around 6.30 p.m. The journey takes 18 hours and there is a choice between regular buses and the luxurious "cama" buses with reclining seats, footrests and complimentary food and drink.

From Punta Arenas, buses run Monday and Friday via Argentina, taking 36 hours for the trip.

From Puerto Montt, there are very frequent departures from 7 am to 8 p.m. to the main towns on Chiloé with connections to smaller communities.

By Air
Chile is well served by 3 airlines each of which have frequent flights to El Tepual, the airport for Puerto Montt. From there, buses or taxis run to the main bus terminal or car hire can be arranged.

Chiloé and the surrounding islands and waterways are magnificent when viewed from the air. It is easy to arrange a scenic tour by light aircraft. There are also many landing strips for those arriving by light aircraft.

By Car and Ferry (foot passengers are carried)
From the North: Take the road south from Puerto Montt to Pargua from where there is a regular service to Chiloé.
From the south: The port of Quellón near the south of Chiloé has regular sailings to and from the mainland ports of Chaiten (6 hours) and Chacabuco (12 hours). Reservations are recommended, especially in summer.


by road: take the ferry from Pargua and follow the road to Ancud.
by sea: to the port of Ancud.

by road: From Ancud follow Route5, 40 km to the south and turn at Degán from where Quemchi is a further 23 km.
by sea: to the port of Quemchi.

by road: From Ancud follow Route 5 south and turn at Mocopulli from where Dalcahue is a further 8 km.
by sea: to the port of Dalcahue.

by road: From Ancud follow Route 5 south and turn at Mocopulli to Dalcahue. Take the ferry to Isla Quinchao. Curaco de Velez is a further 9 km.
by sea: via ferry from Dalcahue.

by road: From Ancud follow Route5 south and turn at Mocopulli to Dalcahue. Take the ferry to Isla Quinchao. Achao is a further 21 km.
by sea: Achao is the principal port for the island and like each community has a landing ramp for small ferries.

by road: From Ancud follow Route 5 south for 88 km.
by sea: via canal Lemuy to the port of Castro

by road: 20 km south of Castro on Route 5.
by sea: via canals Yal or Lemuy to the port.

by road: From Caleta Huicha (5 km south of Chonchi) take the ferry to Chulchuy (10 minutes).
Ferry times:
Chulchuy to Huicha: 7.30 am to 8.30 p.m. every half-hour.
Huicha to Chulchuy: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every half-hour.
by sea: there are 8 ports on Isla Lemuy accessible by local ferries and tourist launches.

by road: 67 km south east of Chonchi.
by sea: Queilen has a good port for launches and also receives regular visits from the Skorpios cruise ships.

by road: 99 km south of Castro on Route 5.
by sea: by ferry from Chaiten and Chacabuco.
by plane: there is a sealed airstrip for light aircraft at Lapas, 3 km from Quellon.


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